Madurawala Tourism Development Foundation and Madurawala Community Base d Ecotourism Project | About Us
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About Us





“Mission of the Madurawala Tourism Development Foundation is to use Ecotourism as a tool to conserve environment and biodiversity, to assure maximum socioeconomic benefits to the community in minimizing the poverty, preserve age-old cultural and heritage of the community for the next posterity and to provide in-depth education and information about quality development of tourism for all stake-holders”


This is the first Community Based Ecotourism Project in the Kalutara District dedicated to support the community and conservation of the environment and the cultural heritage through tourism in the Kalutara District.


Driving by Rev. Hatiyalwela Chandananada, an erudite Chief Incumbent of Sri Sumangala Temple, Ampitigala, Madurawala, Anguruwawota, this project was launched with the solid intention of promotion people-friendly tourism with a view to assure economic and social benefits to the community living around this rural locality.


To do so, villagers have opened their doors to tourists and let them come over to feel the real Sri Lanka and enjoy their time exploring the area and all its wonders.

By visiting Sri Lanka through association like Discover Madurawala you contribute in the improvement and development of destitute places and fully help local communities.


Hence, the Madurawala Community Based Ecotourism Project offers a flowing diverse ecotourism packages including authentic culture, unspoilt nature, History, unforgettable encounter.



During the Portuguese and Dutch periods this area was a famous stop over and resting place for the rafters, which ferry spices and timber from the Kalu River and the Sinharaja Forest to Kalutara.

At a later stage, this region was liberated from the European hold and became a part of Raigam kingdom after an undiminished fighting for their freedom in 1521.

Now Madurawala is a peaceful area where its villagers embrace a quiet but joyful life and keen to receive visitors from all around the world.


Discover Madurawala has been supported by several actors.

Came first SLEF (Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation), the pioneer National Ecotourism Society of Sri Lanka. His president, Palitha Gurusinghe underlines that a Community Based Tourism is one of the most important programmes to alleviate poverty in the society through tourism and in this perspective SLEF is happy to be involved in promoting this project for the domestic and international tourists.


Sustainable Agents of Rural Societies (STARS) of Cannery Islands, sponsored under the Erasmus + Project of European Union is the second international supporter of Discover Madurawala. They’ve sent volunteers over to help the community develop itself.




Madurawala is located in the Western Province, Kalutara District. Only 30 KMS separate the village from Kalurara, the beach town. The village is close by to the capital Colombo as well, Colombo it is 52 KMS away making it easy to get to.

It’s located close to Anguruwatota, an ancient typical and full of history village.