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Voluntary work at Madurawala

Make a sustainable impact and engage in a meaningful cultural exchange.

Madurawala has a long history for hosting volunteers from all parts of the world.

Volunteers are the foundation for its progress towards being a tourism hotspot.

Here at Madurawala, we offer a variety of programmes such as teaching, organic

farming, district clean-ups, organizing events and processions, elderly care,

construction, taking part in alms-givings and more.



We offer tailor made packages for all our volunteers.


Our main goal is for you to feel satisfied with your contribution to the village.

Therefore we make sure that each individual gets the best possible program,

based on your skills and experiences.


Are you interested in volunteering with us?

Please forward us your CV to:
and we will get back to you with a proposal for your personalized programme.


We offer homestays for all our volunteers.


Living with a local family is the perfect way to integrate yourself with an authentic Sri Lankan lifestyle. You would have an opportunity to experience a diverse range of Sri Lankan cuisine, art and tradition.


Our homestays ensure to provide you with all the facilities necessary for a safe and comfortable stay. Our hosts are passionate about accommodating volunteers and engaging in culture exchanges.

Our Volunteers


Alvaro Delgado

Stayed for 6 months


– The place where I discovered real happiness. The great and unforgettable Madurawala.

Julie Pierre-Francois, France

Julie Pierre-Francois

Stayed for 3 months


– I’ve learned a lot about culture and population, shared amazing memories with the youngsters and the community.

Lou Desrues, France

Lou Desrues

Stayed for 2 months


– A unique experience and you truly feel like a part of a community which is not often the case when you travel. I’ve learned how to enjoy simple things and how to connect with people of the village without speaking the local language.


Midori Abe

Stayed for 2 years


– My time in Madurawala has been amazing in so many ways. I was really moved by the kindness and generosity of the village people. My experience in Madurawala is something that I will never forget.

Lucas Burlet - France

Lucas Burlet

Stayed for 2 months


– The location gives the opportunity to dive into the Sri Lankan culture, and living with a family from the village makes the experience more authentic.


Isabell Ingevald

Stayed for 1 month


– This month has truly been an experience like no other. Living closely with a local family has made me realise the importance of relationships and the community. I would recommend anyone to volunteer at least once in their lifetime!